Your company and Bumerang are willing to push forward the collaboration between both entities. With the overall goal of increasing the usage and commitment of the reusable package solution that Bumerang offers, we must try to create a frictionless experience for your users.

Avoiding double app download

We consider this as the main friction. Nowadays to obtain the user code that allows it to operate with the Bumerang service, the user has to download the Bumerang app, register and add the obtained user id to your app. This, obviously, is far from perfect if the user just uses Bumerang service in your location, so the first and main goal should be to integrate the Bumerang register in your app.

Deposit charge and return handling

In case the user does not return the container in the stipulated time (15 days). Bumerang charges a deposit. This part of the heavy lifting about payments and business logic will remain on Bumerang's end.


Your app can execute a web view to open the Bumerang web app where the user will be able to make all actions to obtain a valid and active account.

During this process, your app and our web app will be able to share info with the aim of creating this frictionless experience for the user, and for sure removing the need to download two apps to enjoy the service.

User experience

Note: These are mockup references to show how the user experience can look like. This is not a design proposal.

1 - Bumerang section in your app

2 - Bumerang register or login (web view)